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Who can do Wing Chun?


The art of Wing Chun is accessible to everyone whatever their size, shape, age or fitness level. This martial art style can be learned and continually developed by any dedicated student.

What can I expect at my first lesson?

All students, regardless of their level, perform a warmup routine of stretches to prepare their body for training. Beginners will then be taken through a series of blocking and striking techniques to introduce them to the fundaments of the system.

Learning Chi Sau

What should I wear?

Comfortable tracksuit trousers, a t-shirt and training shoes.

What does training cost?

Our four-session beginner course (which starts on the first Tuesday of every month and which must be completed in that same month) costs £30 with the first lesson free. Should you choose to join the club thereafter the annual membership fee is £60, with class fees being £40 for four lessons in one month and £50 if there are five Tuesdays in a calendar month.